sjani 24

The Outhors of This Issue



Irma Ratiani
Interdisciplinary and Interinstitutional Approaches – Guarantor of the Effectiveness of Georgian Literary Studies and Georgian Studies

Problems of Literary Theory

Jennifer Wallace
Global Plague, Local Pain: Mourning the Tragedy of Covid

Adia Mendelson-Maoz; Dana Freibach-Heifetz
Writing in a Time of Epidemic

Konstantine Bregadze
The Understanding of the Concepts of “Free” and “Freedom” According to Faust’s Final Monologue Before Death and his Seashore Colony as Goethe’s Vision of “Totalitarianism”

Gia Arganashvili
A Literary Model of a Poem “The Fate of Kartli” by Nikoloz Baratashvili in the Light of Phenomenological Criticism

Poetical Practices

Manana Kvashantiradze
Psycological Motivation of Actions of Characters in Vazha Pshavela’s “Host and Guest’’: Zviadauri

Jordan Ljutskanov
The Image of (Black?) Sea in the Poetry of Valerian Gaprindashvili

Eyüp Özveren
When Literary Space Parts Ways with Physical Geography: Substitutions by Aksyonov and Morchiladze for the Missing Islands of the Black Sea

Chrestomathy of Literary Theory

Mircea Eliade
The Structure of Myths

Theory of Poetry

Marcello Potocco
Parental and Paternal Love in Contemporary Slovene Poetry

Philological Researches

Merab Ghaghanidze
Leon Trotsky Between Literature and Revolution

Tamar Sharabidze, Gocha Kuchukhidze, Dodo Chumburidze
Censorship in the Context of the Georgian Experience of the 50s-70s of the 19th Century

Rostom Chkheidze
The Debut of Niko Nikoladze (On the Path of Alexander Orbeliani)

Literature and Modern Technologies

Annette Simonis
Web Novels as Vehicles of Cultural Transfer Across the Globe. Re-negotiations of Cultural Histories Between East and West

Soojin Kwon
Media Art and Wearable Technology:  Re-thinking Media and Art in  Post-mediatic Forms


Nestan Kutivadze
Some Issues of Mikheil Javakhishvili’s Prose and Sherwood Anderson’s Grotesque Man

Irina Nozadze
At the Origins of the 20th Century Dystopian Novel – Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We”

Ketevan Jishiashvili
Function and Symbolic Meaning of Color in the Poem “Snow’’ by Galaktion Tabidze

Critical Discourse

Irakli Tskhvediani
Joyce and Goethe: “Un noioso funzionario”?

Folkloristics – the Modern Researches

Marine Turashvili
Some Issues of Contextual Research of Proverbs and Traditional Sayings (According to the Oral Histories)


Gubaz Letodiani
Structural- Narratological Study of Modern Free Verse: Comparative nalysis of Besik Kharanauli’s and Charles Bukowski’s Poems

Ani Javakhishvili
Georgian Baroque Tendencies and Besarion Gabashvili’s Poetry

Levan Gelashvili  
On the Collection Literary Genres

New Books

Prepared by Gaga Lomidze