SJANI 23 (2022)

The Othors of this Issue


Problems of LiteraryTheory

Archil Tserediani The Urban Text in the Georgian Modernist Novel

Ewa A. Lukaszyk Closure and Permeability from Pneumatic Experience to Extra-Cultural Insight in the Kairós      

Poetical Practices

Manana Kvachantiradze Psycological Motivation of Characters Actions in Vazha-Pshavela’s “Host and Guest”: Agaza

Maia Kvirkvelia Ancient Icons and Symbols in Lia Sturua’s Poetry

Chrestomathy of Literary Theory

Robert Musil Literati and Literature

Theory of Poetry

Tamar Barbakadze The “Moon” and “Somnambulists” of Georgian Poetry (some observations)

Tamta Parulava Gold Dust by Ibrahim Al-Koni and Features of Novel of Trial


Salome Pataridze The Significance  of Therapeutic and Repressive Forgetting in  Zaira Arsenishvili’s „Oh, Life…“    

Critical Discourse

Tamar Namgaladze Soviet Identity Politics and Children’s Literature (Based on L. Lagin’s “Old Man Khottabych”)

Literature and Pandemic

Merab Ghaghanidze “The Machine Stops” by Edward Morgan Forster: A Human in Dystopian Isolation    

Irine Modebadze Tamar Tsitsishvili Empathy as the Twenty FirstCentury Thematic Innovation in World Pandemic Literature (Etgar Keret’s „Stories inTimes of Coronavirus“)

Marcello Potocco The Covid Pandemic and the Slovenian Poetry

Hayate Sotome Road and Contact:Chronotope of the Road in A. Pushkin’s, G. Orbeliani’s and I. Chavchavadze’s Travel Accounts

Rudolf Sárdi „The Minister’s Black Veil“ in a Contemporary Context

Nataliia Nikoriak, Alyona Tychinina Actualization of the Pandemic Theme in I. Bergman Cinematic Narrative (intermedial cut of theparable film “The Seventh Seal”)

Olena Guseva How to Survive a Natural Disaster: Some Tips From World Literature

Yulia Isapchuk „The Wall” by Marlen Haushofer: the Austrian Version of Isolation

Paradigms of Culture

Olha Chervinska Allotropy as an Immanent Attribute of Historical      Post-States


Tatia Oboladze Symbolist Interpretation of the Myth of Narcissus

Reviews, Comments

Nestan Kutivadze European Aspects of Shaping of the Georgian Leftist Literature


Teimuraz Doiashvili Phervalebi. Remembering Davit Tseredian

New Books

Prepared by Gaga Lomidze