Irakli Kenchoshvili

Irakli Kenchoshvili is a Leading Researcher of the Department of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature, a member of Georgian Comparative Literature Association and Union of Georgian Writers.  The fields of his literary studies cover such a range of issues as literary criticism, comparative literature, Baroque and Modernist literature, Globalization and literature and culture, Contemporary Literature. He is an author of the books: “Galaktion Tabidze and European Literature” (1973), “Critical Researches” (1999), “In the World of Galaktion Tabidze”, 1999), an editor of „Alexander Chavchavadze. Works” (1986) and “Anthology of Georgian Lyrical Poetry – 1765-1825” (2014), co-editor of Galaktion Tabidze’s Works, translator of the works of Antony Burgess, René Wellek, Roman Jakobson, Tzvetan Todorov, Anna Balakian, Maurice Blanchot. Some of his major articles of the last years are: Don Quixote – Synthesis of Genres of Renaissance Era (2014), National Identity and Dialogue of Cultures (2014); The Intertext of Georgian Modernist Poetry (2015). Tbilisi (1918-1920) – Multicultural City (2016); Regional Literary Tradition from Nizami to Vagif: Milestones in the Development and Transformation of Azerbaijani Asug Song Lyrics in Georgian Poetry (2020).  Some of his articles are published in English, Russian and German.

in 2004-2008 he was a member and in 2004-2012 – a Vice Charman of The Committee for Integration in Europe of Parliament of Georgia.