Lomidze Tamar

Tamar Lomidze is a Georgian literary scholar and translator (she has translated ten novels by prominent contemporary American writers into Georgian), a researcher at the Department of Literary Theory and Comparative Studies at the Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature, and a visiting professor at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Ilia State University.

The major field of Tamar Lomidze interest includes the theoretical study of literature, general and comparative literary studies, analysis of the concepts of various literary and theoretical schools (especially the Russian formal school and Structuralism), the poetics of romanticism and topical problems of poetry. She has published about 60 scientific papers. Tamar Lomidze is a member of the Georgian Comparative Literature Association (GCLA).

    In her research, Tamar Lomidze shed light on many important problems of Georgian literature in a new way. In 2014, Tamar Lomidze published the monograph “The Poetics of Georgian Romanticism”, which has received  “GrigolKiknadze Scientific Award” (2015).

    Tamar Lomidze is a member of the editorial board of the international referablescientific journal for Literary Theory and Comparative literature – Sjani (The Thoughts)