Doiashvili Teimuraz

TeimurazDoiashvili is a Georgian literary scholar, critic and editor, Leading Researcher of Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature.He is a Head of the Department of Galaktion Research Centre since 2001.

He is an author of 12 books and  more than 100 scientific articles.

The major field of TeimurazDoiashvili’s scientific interest includes history of literature and literary theory, analysis of various literary texts of  Georgianauthors’ in the frame of international cultural-literary processes by using contemporary methodologies.

TeimurazDoiashvilihas received several scientific awards in Georgia, among them: Literary Prize “Saguramo” and “GrigolKiknadze Scientific Award”

He is the first editor in chief of an international referable scientific journal for Literary Theory and Comparative literature – Sjani (The Thoughts).