Irma Ratiani

Irma Ratiani is a Georgian literary scholar, editor and translator.

She is a Professor of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University,and Head of the Department of General and Comparative Literary Studies. Since 2006 she is a director of Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature. She is a President of the Georgian Comparative Literature Association (GCLA).

Since 2019 she is a Head of LEPL Creative Georgia (Soon to be Georgian National Foundation for Culture).

The major field of Irma Ratiani’s scientific interest includes literary theory, general and comparative literary studies in a broad cultural context; analysis of various literary genres and directions, literary schools, and formations in the frame of international cultural-literary processes by using contemporary methodologies and approaches, also, revision and analysis of literary processes of Soviet and Post-Soviet period.

In 2020, by Peter Lang Publishing, was published her book – Anti-utopian Mood, Liminality, and Literature. In 2018the same publishing house (Peter Lang Publishing) has published her book –Georgian Literature and the World Literary Process.

In 2013 she was awarded the Order of Presidential Excellence of Georgia. 

She has received several scientific awards in Georgia, among them: Literary Prize “Saguramo” (2019), “Grigol Kiknadze Scientific Award” for the monograph – “The Text and the Chronotop” (2012) etc.

She is an author of several books, textbooks and more than 90 scientific articles, member of numerous international professional organizations and associations.

Irma Ratiani is co-author and an editor in chief of the internationally well-known books – Totalitarianism and Literary Discourse. 20th Century Experience, and – Literature in Exile. Emigrants’ Fiction. 20th Century Experience, published respectively,in 2012 and 2016 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. She is aneditor in chief of an international referablescientific journal for Literary Theory and Comparative literature – Sjani (The Thoughts)