SJANI 21 (2020)

The authors of this issue



Jessica PressmanLoving Books at the End of the Millennium

Problems of Literary Theory

Tamar LomidzePoetics of Akaki Tsereteli: Main Trends

Konstantine BregadzeFaust’s Worldview and Pansophism (“Magic”)

Poetical Practices

Manana KvachantiradzeConceptual Motivations of Characters in Vazha Pshavela’s “Host and Guest”

Ewa A. ŁukaszykTranscultural Writing and Non-hegemonic Universalism. Reading Ali and Nino in the Context of Global Literary Studies

Irakli TskhvedianiMythopoeic Chronotope in John Dos Passos’s Manhattan Transfer

Chrestomathy of Literary Theory

Aleksei Losev The Oriental Renaissance, Georgia

Theory of Poetry

Lela KhachidzeByzantine and Georgian Hymnographical Legacy (“Lenten Triodion under George the Athonite’s Redaction”)

Philological Researches

Nona KuprishviliReconstruction of Creative Process in Accordance with Akaki Tsereteli’s Ascenting” and Galaktion Tabidze’s “Moon Over Mtatsminda”

Galyna MorievaViewing the Future: Prediction in the Literary Texts

Rūta BrūzgienėJuozas Baltušis’s Novel „Sakmė apie Juzą“ [Saga about Juza]:an Archetypal Expression of the Nation’s Vitality


Tatiana A. BystrovaYears of Lead in Giuseppe Genna’s Novel “Italia De Profundis”

Critical Discourse

Levan BregadzeShota Rustaveli Against the Utilitarians

Theory and Practice of Translation

Manana Gelashvili, Maya Kiasashvili Joyce’s Ulysses in Georgian

Paradigms of Culture

Dr. Konrad GuneschThe Total Artwork in Comparative Literature Analysis: Belletristic and Scientific Positions from Wagner’s Operas and Tolstoy’s Art Philosophy to Business Branding and the Olympic Games

Folkloristics – the Modern Researches

Rusudan Choloqashvili, and Kevin Tuite The Common Mythic Roots of a Kisti Legend and the Georgian Ballad Eteriani

Reviews, Comments

Natia SikharulidzeA Guide to Comparative Literature in Georgian

New BooksPrepared by Gaga Lomidze